Patient Participation Group

Avenue Surgery Patient Group (ASPG)

Avenue Surgery Patient Group (ASPG) is an independent group of the Avenue Surgery Patients. Headed by the Chairman, the ASPG works on behalf of all patients to help to continuously improve the service offered by the surgery.

ASPG members meet 4 times a year in an informal meeting with Doctors and staff of the surgery to talk through issues of interest and have their say about service provision. Members are also very involved in assisting at the flu clinics and in patient surveys.

“We all recognise the challenging financial and demographic climate which GP practices work within. As individuals, and collectively, we can all play a part through feedback, by offering support and assistance and by providing the ‘patient perspective’. We would like to help the Avenue surgery be the best GP practice it can be.”

If you are:

  • Interested in healthcare
  • Have some time to spare
  • Interested in meeting new people
  • Share our aims

…then we could be just what you are looking for.

Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.


All face to face meetings have been suspended from March 2020 due to Covid concerns but ASPG members – whose numbers have increased during the pandemic – have received regular e mail and/or postal updates  in the intervening period.  ASPG members are currently providing feedback on the meeting structure as we are able to re-open and it is anticipated that this will be a mix of face to face and email/postal updates. Watch this space!

PPG Chairman Vacancy

The Avenue Surgery Patient Participation Group (A.S.P.G.) is a group of patients, carers and GP practice staff who meet regularly to discuss practice issues and patient experience to help improve the service.

Purpose of a PPG


  • To give patients and practice staff the opportunity to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest.
  •  To provide a means for patients to become more involved and make suggestions about the healthcare services they receive.
  •  To explore issues from patient complaints and patient surveys, contribute to actions plans and help monitor improvements.
  •  To support health awareness and patient education.


PPG Chairman Role

After more than six years, the existing chairman – Dave Reeves - has decided to step down from his role, creating a vacancy for the position of Chair. He remains within the PPG to support a new Chair as s/he takes the group forward.

 All PPG members including the chairman are volunteers who provide invaluable support for the surgery.

 The PPG currently has over forty members from a patient population of 18,400.

 Historically we had three physical meetings a year, but since covid we have had mostly virtual, online meetings using Microsoft Teams.

 The PPG Chair and Martin Randall, Business Manager at The Avenue have regular contact throughout the year to ensure the PPG are well informed of relevant surgery issues.

Dave Reeves has said he would be happy to discuss the role of PPG Chairman and what is required to fill the position and can be contacted through Martin Randall.

If you have the qualities and time required to fulfil the role of PPG chairman, have the innovation to develop the PPG to support the surgery in this changing world we are currently experiencing, please write to:


Martin Randall

Business Manager

The Avenue Surgery

14-16 The Avenue



BA12 9AA