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12th Jan

Warminster Cancer Support Cafe

A welfare advisor from Macmillan, Bath CAB, will be available to chat to visitors at The Athenaeum from 10am until 12pm on the following Fridays in 2024:
☑️19 January
☑️15 March
☑️17 May
☑️19 July
☑️20 September
☑️15 November
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20th Nov 2023

Housing Documentation- Information for patients

We do not provide letters for housing, so please do not request these.

Whilst we appreciate that housing problems can be stressful, this is a matter for the council housing office. If the council requires additional medical information, they will send a specific form to the GP surgery. You will need to provide your written consent for this.

If you are intending to apply for a council home for health reasons you do not need to send a letter from the GP.

The Council will write, in confidence, to your doctor if further information is required.

GPs receive frequent requests for medical letters and reports in support of housing applications from a variety of sources – the local authority, housing associations, directly from patients and from patients via Citizens Advice Bureau. The arrangements for seeking GP reports and for payment vary from local authority area to local authority area, and even when clearly agreed are often not implemented by local authority staff. However all requests should come via the Council or Housing Association and not the patient.
Information in support an application based on health grounds should be supplied by the applicant using a form provided by the Housing Department (self-assessment). This should not require any input from the GP/practice.

Only if additional information is required, should the Housing Department Medical Officer obtain it from the applicant's doctor, preferably using a standard form, provided the patient has given written consent. The Medical Officer should seek information which is only available to the GP, for example:
• the diagnosis;
• severity of the illness;
• medication

We understand that patients are often wrongly advised to get a letter from their GP and we can supply you with a letter outlining the above that you can show to anyone wrongly directing you to us for such documentation.

15th Nov 2023

We Are Men- WAM

Did you know there is a new support group in Warminster, especially for Men? It's called “We Are Men”. (WAM).
The group focusses on supporting men’s mental health and wellbeing.
They get together every MONDAY evening from 7pm until 9pm at the Warminster Football Club. You don't need to book, just turn on when you feel like it!
28th Jun 2023

Dear Patients of The Avenue Surgery.

Many thanks for your patience during the last 3 years with all the upheavals that the pandemic has caused and in the last 12 months as we have been trying to navigate post pandemic times.


Over the last 12 months we have gone from being staffed by 8 full time partners to at our lowest 5 full time partners.  Throughout all of this we have been truly touched by the support we and the staff have received.  We have also done our best to respond to all complaints and try to ensure that we are delivering the best healthcare that you deserve.


In the last 18 months we have lost Doctors Wingfield, Corey, Austin and Hirst.  We have had to bring in allied work forces such as our Living well team (who support our elderly vulnerable team), ECP’s (Emergency Care Practitioners – who deliver the majority of our on the day acute medical care) and our Pharmacy team (looking after much of your medication needs).


We are also helping to train the GPs of the future – with Dr Boyd- Carson who will be with us until he finishes his GP training in February.  In August we will have two further final year GP’s trainees (2 fully qualified doctors in their last year of specialist training) Dr Jones and Dr Griffiths.


We have had to markedly alter the way we have worked historically to ensure maximising the number of patients we can safely see with a reduced GP workforce, and we have weekly been seeing above the numbers in comparison to other practices in the Wiltshire area.


We have manged to recruit further GPs – in September 2022 we welcomed Dr Minton, in December, Dr Mitchell, and in mid-July Dr Payne will also be joining us.  Sadly, Dr McDonagh will be leaving us at the end of July, but she is being replaced by Dr Bryony Moore.


We have taken on board comments made through all mediums available to patients and we are going to trial a new triage system which hopefully will be even more efficient and streamlined for our patients.  It will mean less waiting for call backs and hopefully issues dealt with at the time you call in to us.  However, for us to do this we need to ask for your patience once more.  This will mean a slightly longer call initially with our patient navigators but will help with your outcome and patient experience. We aim to trial this from Monday the 3rd of July.  This will be a system that we will keep evolving as we use it but has already been implemented in practices across Wiltshire with benefits to patients.


Earlier in the year we put out communications for PPG (patient participation group) volunteers and have been overwhelmed by the response.  We will be contacting patients to take this forward and hope to have a PPG up and running by the Autumn.


Once again, from all of us at the practice thank you for your patience, your support, your comments, and your kindness towards us all.  Please be reassured we at the practice are working to improve the service, we are aware we do not always get this right, but we will continue to strive and evolve to ensure that our population are getting the best possible service we can provide. 

18th Apr 2023

 Did you know that on 1st April the Department of Health and Social Care launched an HRT pre-payment certificate?

The certificate will reduce the cost of HRT for those patients who pay for their prescriptions. It will be valid for 12 months and covers an unlimited number of listed HRT medicines for the cost of two single prescription charges. The current cost is £9.65 per item. This means if you pay for more than two HRT prescriptions in a year you will save money.

13th Dec 2022

Join the PPG

How can we improve our services? Share your ideas by joining the patient participation group. 

For more information visit:

14th Feb 2022

Professional SME Employer Of The Year 2022 Award

Well done to our apprentices and all the members of staff who have supported them in their training.